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The most comprehensive resource for HIV/AIDS on the web today

TRX's Philosophy: (Putting the World at Your Fingertips)

The world at your fingertips Utilizing the internet as an effective marketing communication tool follows the same principles as any other medium. Primarily, web site developers must have clearly defined objectives, be able to identify their target audience and understand the needs of that audience. These basic principles will guide the content and dictate the technology required to build the site, in order to effectively communicate.

The old adage "if you build it, they will come" applies to the internet, not particularly web sites. Advertising your web site is as crucial as frequently updating the site in maintaining and increasing viewership.

HIV Can Be Treated In developing, TRX Interactive Communications blends the diverse talents of people with strong backgrounds in consumer and medical marketing and advertising. All of them demonstrate a sensitivity to the important needs of the HIV/AIDS population and those who care for them.


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