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The National Hemophilia Foundation NHF Mission/Purpose:
The National Hemophilia Foundation is dedicated to the treatment and the cure of hemophilia, related bleeding disorders and complications of those disorders or their treatment, including HIV infection, as well as to improving the quality of life of all those affected through the promotion and support of research, education, and other services.

The Soho Building
110 Greene Street, suite 307
New York, New York 10012
Telephone: (212) 219-8180
Fax: (212) 966- 9247

National Hemophilia Foundation Programs:
HANDI (Hemophilia and AIDS/HIV Network for the Dissemination of Information) is the information center of the National Hemophilia Foundation. The center collects and makes available information on hemophilia, AIDS/HIV as it relates to hemophilia, and related topics. HANDI's information specialists handle requests from professionals and other individuals from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. Information specialists will provide information over the phone, supply materials by mail, and handle more complicated requests. Materials available include: brochures, educational materials, reprints of articles, and resource listings for specific areas of interest. Call HANDI with your question or for further information on services available.

Telephone: 1-800-42-HANDI or (212) 431-8541
Fax: (212) 431-0906
Message: (212) 431-3081

WONN (Women's Outreach Network of the National Hemophilia Foundation). For information on support networks, educational materials or local programs for women contact the Outreach Coordinator at (212) 219-8180.

For additional information on National Hemophilia Foundation programs contact the Department of AIDS Education and Preventive Services (AEPS) at (212) 219-8180.

Additional Information:

The following list of resources and organizations is provided for informational purposes only. These resources and organizations are not endorsed by the National Hemophilia Foundation.

National Organizations:

Compassionate Friends
P.O. Box 3969
Oak Brook, IL 60522
(708) 990-0010
Compassionate Friends; a national organization with about 500 local support groups for parents of children who have died.

M.A.P. (Mothers of AIDS Patients)
P.O. Box 1763
Lomita, CA 90717
Barbara Cleaver (212) 530-2109

The Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Center
South Rte. 616
Head Waters, VA 24442
(703) 396-3441
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Center-provides educational materials about death and dying. Gives workshops around the U.S., Europe and Australia for people in transition.

Self-Help Clearinghouses:
Self-Help Clearinghouses provide information about all aspects of Mutual Aid Self-Help Groups. The following states have Self-Help Clearinghouses:

    California: 1-800-222-LINK (in CA only)
    Connecticut: (203) 789-7645
    Illinois: 1-800-322-MASH (in IL)
    Kansas: (316) 686-1205
    Massachusetts: (413) 545-2313
    Michigan: 1-800-7-52-5858 (in MI)
    Minnesota: (612) 642-4060
    Missouri: (816) 361-5007
    Nebraska: (402) 476-9668
    New Jersey: 1-800-FOR-MASH New York: (518) 474- 6293
    Oregon: (503) 222-5555
    Pennsylvania: (412) 247-5400
    So. Carolina: (803) 791-2426
    Texas: (214) 871-2420
    Vermont: 1-800-442-5356

For additional information about these or other resources, please contact your NHF Chapter, or HANDI at 1-800-42-HANDI.

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